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Do you need Yacht Agent in Montenegro?

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There is an ongoing dilemma in Yachting Industry whether it is always necessary to use Yacht Agency Services or not? Having a local guy by your side who will do the paperwork or manage the delivery of supplies can always save time for Yacht’s Captain and crew, but is the additional expense worth of it? Some Yacht Owners and Captains tend to look at Yacht Agents as an unnecessary expense, a middleman that they could do well without, so they avoid to use the services of Yacht Agents in all the places where they are not compulsory.

If your Yacht is coming for the first time in some country or port with the Captain and crew that are not familiar with local regulations it would be normal that you use the services of the local Yacht Agency. But, whether we are talking about using the services of Yacht Agent in Montenegro or anywhere else, an experienced Captain, who had spent some years navigating in the area and knows his way around can do most of the things by himself. From that point of view, it seems logical : cut the middleman and you are cutting the cost of his fees. But things usually don’t work that way.

First of all, although your Captain can be familiar with Montenegrin Ports, their procedures and regulations it is quite difficult for one man to keep himself updated all the time with procedures that can change more or less frequently. You could always get some benefits from using service of professional Yacht Agency in Montenegrowith well informed and updated personnel, aware of all the little details needed to help you to avoid unnecessary penalties and to insure that everything runs fast and smooth.

time management

We mentioned the time, didn’t we? Sometimes you will have enough time to do it without an agent, but if the schedule is tight, you should use Yacht Agency Services in Montenegro to insure that everything will be done on time. So if your Yacht Agent in Montenegro is saving your time and the time is money, as we all know, then he is justifying his fees.

Regarding Yacht’s supplies and provisions, Yacht refueling in Montenegro or booking third parties services such as Hotel reservation or transport, a local knowledge is quite often necessary to obtain goods or services of better quality by more convenient prices. A good agent will know several solutions for your needs, and will protect your interest by helping you to choose the best one available. So in many cases, at the end it will be cheaper for you even with adding agent’s fees.

yacht agent advices

Another thing in which a good agent can help you is by providing you with the right information and by giving right advices about the port and the surrounding area. Your Yacht Agent in Montenegro must be well informed not only about the Maritime regulations, but also about historical and natural sites, good, restaurants and beaches in the vicinity, cultural or musical happenings or sport activities which can satisfy the needs of your most demanding guests. That’s where the good local knowledge stands out the most.

solutions for yacht owners

One situation in which will everyone need the help of an agent is, of course, when something goes wrong. That’s where experience comes in hand and when you will need the help of experienced cool headed guy on shore, ready to act quickly and to provide you with best possible solutions for your problems. If your agent is providing you with right solutions in all situations from emergency engine repairs to last minute notifications or anything else, then you know that you had made a good choice.

When navigating in Montenegrin waters, especially if you are coming for the first time there are some useful information about regulations for coastal navigation, contacts of rescue coordination centers and similar information that everyone navigating in Montenegrin waters should know. That kind of information you can find in this post on our blog. Inform yourself on time. Our Yacht Agency as Yacht Agent in Montenegro and Yacht Suppliers in Montenegro does not tend to charge simply for the information, but only for the work in which our personnel are engaged. So if you have any questions about Montenegro, feel free to contact us.

yacht agency service level

So to make the summary, yes, we think that in most of the cases you should use the services of Yacht Agent in Montenegro, or anywhere else, but not the services of any agent, just the good and reliable one who will be speeding up the work and provide services that will meet the industry standards at reasonable prices. The good agent will always think for your best interest, provide you with the right quality of the service and support, supply you with all the information needed and find the solutions which will suit you the most. That kind of agent doesn’t represent only the additional expense, but also adds substantial value to your services. The Yacht Agent job is like any other job in the world, when everything goes normal, anyone can do it, but when out of the box solutions are needed that’s where the class can be shown.


Marinas in Montenegro - AD Marina Bar


                                          AD Marina Bar

AD Marina Bar is located on the south part of Bay of Bar, just on the east from the entrance in Port of Bar. Marina has 900 berth places at sea and 250 land berths for wintering and is very well protected from the sea and the wind from all sides. There are Custom and Border Police offices at Marina and also Harbour Master's office is very close, on some 30 meters from marina.

AD Marina Bar Montenegro aerial

Beside berth places AD Marina Bar offers :

- water and electricity supply on all berth places

- free Wi-Fi zone

- 300 parking places

- 24/7 security and control

- bathrooms and sanitation

- service hangar for both yacht's repair and yacht's engine repair

- marine fuel station

Yacht moored at AD Marina Bar

Fuel station tanks have capacity of 80 000 liters of fuel, out of which 30 000 of tax free diesel. Both commercial and privately owned yacht's can bunker tax free diesel on condition that they have valid Montenegrin vignette, stamp with yacht's details, and an authorized Yacht agent in Montenegro. Since tax free fuel can't be spend in Montenegrin waters, yacht's are obliged to leave Montenegrin waters immediately upon completing of bukering operations. UK Yacht Agency Montenegro is providing Yacht agent services and 24/7 support for yachts in AD Marina Bar including ( but not limited to :

- berth booking and reservation

- arrival and departure clearances

- visa formalities for your passengers and your crew

- obtaining vignette

- arranging tax free fuel bunkering

- arranging all other supplies and provisions for your yacht

- arranging transportation and excursions for your guests and your crew

- arranging yacht's maintenance, yacht's repair and yacht's cleaning

- hotel reservation

- concierge services

- all other services required to meet needs of your yacht's operation and the needs of yacht's passengers and the crew.

Since AD Marina Bar is located at the very center of the City of Bar, you will find in diameter of 500 meters everything that one modern town has to offer: Banks, Caffes, Restaurants, Shops and Boutiques, Ambulance, Post office, Hotel... There is 2 kilometers long promenade which spreads from the beginning of marina, passing city beaches, museum, hotel, tennis courts, football stadium and Susanj beach all the way to the exit of town. Bar is nice, spacious and quit town suitable for relaxed family vacations.

King Nikolas Palace Bar Montenegro

 If you want to see some historical sites, we recommend visiting National Museum located in 19th century King Nikola's palace, on just some 200 meters from marina. On about 4 kilometers from center of town, on the foothills of mountain Rumija lies Medieval Old town of Bar fortress remains.

Old Town of Bar fortress remains

 If you want to see some natural beauties of Montenegro, you should visit National Park Skadar Lake, on around 20 kilometers from the town of Bar, biggest lake in Balkan penninsula and enjoy its marvelous lanscapes.

Skadar Lake Montenegro


Sailing to Montenegro? Where to go, what to do - Part One, Port of Bar and Marina Bar

Aerial view of Port of Bar

Entering in Montenegro by sea

When you are entering in Montenegro by sea from south, the first place where you can be cleared is Bar.

According to the Montenegrin Law on Yachts, upon entering in Montenegrin Territorial Waters yacht should proceed with the shortest route to destination port which is open for international traffic in order to obtain arrival clearance, navigation permit called Vignette and Endorsement of Crew and Passenger list by Harbour Master’s Office or one of its branch. When entering in Montenegrin Territorial Waters and prior to arrival at the destination port, Master or Skipper of the yacht shall forward to Harbour Master’s Office or its branch offices all necessary documents for obtaining arrival clearance, vignette and endorsement of Crew and Passenger list by fax or e-mail, either directly or through the authorized Yacht Agent in Montenegro. If you appoint our agency as your Yacht Agent in Bar we can arrange everything for you, from berth reservation, all the paperwork connected with arrival and departure, formalities for obtaining Montenegrin Visa if necessary, standard maintenance, emergency repair or yacht cleaning service with more than reasonable prices or organize excursions, transport or Hotel or private villa accomodation reservation for your crew or passengers. We can also supply you with fresh provisions from unique local products to high-end imported brands. Basically, yours would be only to drive, and for all the rest, we are at your disposal on 24/7 bases. You name it, we do it.

If you are sailing to Montenegro for the first time, check out our previous post to get some useful information regarding navigation in Montenegrin Territorial Waters.

Port of Bar

Port of Bar aerial view

Port of Bar lies on the south of Bay of Bar close to cape Volujica. Port of Bar is biggest commercial Port in Montenegro and doesn’t have commercial berths for yacht, but on the outer breakwater, few hundred meters from the Port entrance there is a Marine Fuel Station. Fuel delivery is made ex-pipe with a flow rate up to 900 liters/minute and the dock can accept even larger Mega Yachts. If you appoint UK Yacht Agency Montenegro as your Yacht Agent in Bar we can arrange for you delivery of Tax free fuel regardless of Yachts size and purpose. As we wrote in our previous post Tax Free fuel is available in Montenegro for both private and chartered yachts under the condition that yacht leaves Montenegrin Territorial Waters immediately upon bunkering completion. Price of Tax Free fuel is up to 45% cheaper than standard market price of fuel, and that makes Port of Bar very attractive refueling station for larger yachts. Anyway for yachts with less than 35 meters of length we would recommend yachts refueling to be made in Marina Bar which is more convenient for smaller yachts due to the less follow-up costs.

Marina Bar

yacht agent Ad marina bar

Marina Bar is situated in the Northeast part of Port of Bar. Marina Bar has 900 berths at sea for yachts up to 35 meters long and 250 berths on land. Depth is 6 meters on entrance, decreasing to 2 meters at end of the marina. Electricity and water supply, 24/7 security service, use of toilets and free WiFi zone is available. Inside marina there is service hangar which provides both yachts maintenance and yachts engine maintenance and repair. There are parking places for 300 vehicles and Marine Fuel Station close to the entrance in Marina, at the end of northern breakwater. As authorized Yacht Agent in Marina Bar our agency is capable to arrange you Tax free fuel bunkering at Marina Bar Marine Fuel Station with prices that represent cheapest fuel and diesel prices at Adriatic Region. Price of fuel and diesel in Montenegro is regulated by instructions of the Government of Montenegro and it changes every two weeks, so you can contact us to obtain the latest prices.Marina Bar is protected from wind by breakwaters from all sides except from east.

Marina Bar is situated close to the center of town, so everything is close to it from Harbour Master’s office, Police, Hotel, Health Center, Post office, Malls, Caffes and Restaurants, all in a range of 300 meters. Two closest international airports are Podgorica on 36 kilometers, and Tivat on 70 kilometers from Bar.

What to do, where to go when you are in Bar

Bar is the modern, dynamic tourist place that has a rich historical background. There are lots of historical places in the vicinity and most important is the Old Town of Bar situated on about five kilometers from Center of Town on the foothills of mountain Rumija, having monuments left from many different cultures that collided and mixed in this area for over the thousand years of towns existence. Close to the old town is also a natural wonder older than the town itself, over two thousand years old olive tree in Mirovica.

There are lots of nice beaches in the vicinity, but they are usually overcrowded during the high season, which lasts until the end of August, so i will recommend two of them which are more up to my taste.

First of all Velika Plaža ( Long Beach ) near Ulcinj, with its 12 kilometer length one of biggest sandy beaches in Europe.

Sunset in Velika Plaza Montenegro

Beach of that size can’t be so easily overcrowded so there are lots of space for beach sports, football, volleyball, etc. Velika plaža is a most popular Kitesurfing spot at the Adriatic. Velika plaža stretches all the way to river Bojana on Montenegrin Border with Albania and in the estuary of River bojana there is a small island called Ada Bojana with three kilometers long beach and several good fish restaurants.

Second one beach to visit is Kraljičina plaža ( Queen’s beach ), situated in a small bay just after the Čanj beach. This beautiful beach with crystal clear water and surrounded by untouched nature can be accessed only by sea.

If you are in Bar, and you have enough time, we recommend to visit Virpazar and a take boat tour on Skadar Lake. Skadar Lake is one of the five National Parks in Montenegro, with plenty to see, from Old Fortresses, Churches and Monasteries on its islands to 264 bird species.

Skadar Lake Grmozur Fortress

And when you are there don’t forget to taste local cuisine and some of the infamous local wines. If you love motorcycles, our Rent a Moto branch is offering the widest selection of motorcycles in Montenegro, with which you can take sightseeing tours around lake and enjoy its picturesque landscapes.

There are a few places on Earth that offer such high contrasts on such a small area as Montenegro does. This is just a small part of everything that should be seen, and it all depends on your preferences.

Feel free to contact us with any question about Montenegrin Ports or Marinas, Montenegro in general or about our services and we will be ready to assist you in the best possible manner in order to make your vacation as pleasant as it should be.



Sailing to Montenegro? Where to go, what to do - Part Three, Bay of Kotor, Porto Montenegro, Port of Kotor and Marina Kotor

Bay of Kotor

Bay of Kotor is located in the western part of Montenegrin Coast, near the border with Croatia. Bay is divided into several smaller bays connected with narrow straits. Narrowest is Verige strait, wide only 340 meters at its narrowest point. For navigators it is important to know that in the Bay of Kotor speed for all vessels is limited to 10 knots, and in Verige and Kumbor Strait maximum 6 knots. It is a place with rich historical background that has several well preserved medieval towns and numerous old Churches and buildings from Medieval times. Oldest of all is the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, which is built in 1166. Old Town of Kotor, its fortifications and surrounding were declared World Heritage site in 1979. 107 kilometers of coastline, lots of nice beaches, magnificent landscapes and historical sites make the Bay of Kotor most attractive tourist destination in Montenegro. As a part of our full yacht agency services, our Yacht Agency in Montenegro offers organizing excursions for you and your guest, which can help you to get to know better rich history of Bay of Kotor and the rest of Montenegro, and to discover its natural wonders.

In the last years, with the opening and expansion of Luxury Mega Yacht Marina Porto Montenegro and announcement of the opening of two more Mega Yacht marinas and luxury resorts, Portonovi and Luštica Bay in the near future, Bay of Kotor starts to position itself like a premium nautical tourism destination as well. The great advantage for development of nautical tourism is fact that the Bay of Kotor is naturally protected from strong wind and sea by high mountains of Lovcen and Orjen that are surrounding it. Significant boost for development is also given by set of laws that the Government of Montenegro passed in last years slacking the taxes and enabling tax free fuel bunkering for all yachts irrespective of their size and purpose which we described in our previous post.

Marina Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro Marina Tivat Aerial view

Marina Porto Montenegro is a World Class Mega Yacht Marina situated in Tivat Bay, in South-East part of the Bay of Kotor. Porto Montenegro has 450 berths for yachts up to 250 meters long and up to 15 meters of draft, so it can accept even the largest Mega Yachts built until now. Water and electricity supply is available as well as the waste, grey and black water disposal and WiFi and fiber optics Internet. There are also repair and maintenance facilities within marina and 24 hours security and CCTV service. Aimed to offer full Homeport solutions for Mega Yachts, Marina facilities are designed to satisfy even most fastidious guests. On the waterfront of Marina there are Five Star Regent Hotel, luxury accomodation for renting, shopping village with established international brands, restaurants and clubs.

Porto Montenegro Marina Tivat promenade

The fuel dock is situated at the end of jetty three and can accept even largest Mega Yachts. Fuel is delivered with a flow rate of up to 1000 liters per minute and dock facilities can stock up to 800 000 liters of Tax free diesel. Dock operates all year round with no additional fees, no minimum limit or registration restrictions. All you need for bunkering Tax and Duty free diesel is a valid Montenegrin Vignette and Yachts stamp. If you need Yacht Agent in Porto Montenegro our agency can assist you in everything that you might need, from berth reservation, arrival clearance and departure clearance paperwork to arranging provisions, supplies, spare parts delivery or yacht cleaning, maintenance or repair service. We can also organize excursions for your passengers or crew, or provide them transport or accomodation if needed.

Please note that from this year 2017, Tivat Municipality started to collect Residental Tax for Yachts according to the Montenegrin Goverment Decree on Residental Tax for Yachts. According to that decree all yachts with the lenght from 7 meters and more, must pay Residental Tax for the period of validity of Vignette. Tax goes from 5 euro for yachts for yachts of 7 to 10 meters in lenght which will stay in Montenegro up to 7 days, to the maximum amount of 120 euro for yachts of lenght of 20 meters or more for the period of up to 1 year. All yachts should pay this tax when obtaining Vignette or at least before departure from Montenegro.

Port of Kotor and Marina Kotor

Old Town of Kotor and Port of Kotor and Marina Kotor

Port of Kotor and Marina Kotor are located just outside of walls of the Old Town of Kotor. Northern part of pier, 188 meters long, is used by Cargo ships and Cruisers and 150 meters long southern part of the pier is used for mooring of yachts. It has a capacity of 30 yachts up to 25 meters long and with up to 3 meters of draft. Water and electricity supply is available. Many restaurants, Hotels, bars, Post office in the Old Town of Kotor are just a few minutes of walk away from the marina. If you need Yacht Agent in Kotor, our agency offers full agency services from berth booking to arranging supplies and provisions or any other service requested by your crew or passengers.

There is a fuel dock in Port of Kotor, but the tax free fuel bunkering for yachts is not available in Port of Kotor, but only the bunkering of fuel with standard retail price. If you intended refuel your yacht in Montenegro, it is much more economically justified that you replenish your fuel tanks in Porto Montenegro, Port of Bar or Marina Bar just before your yacht’s departure from Montenegrin Territorial waters. Contact us at least 48 hours before and we will arrange everything for you.

Where to go, what to do

Your tour of Bay of Kotor should, of course, start by seeing Old Town of Kotor, one of the most well preserved medieval town in Mediterranean and its magnificent fortifications which are spreading all the way up to the top of San Giovanni Mountain some 280 meters up of the town entrance. The circumference of town walls is about 4.5 kilometers.

Old Town of Kotor Fortifications

After that, we recommend visiting Perast and its two gorgeous small islands, Saint George and Our lady of Rocks. Saint George is a natural Island with the 12th century Benedictine Monastery which is hiden from sight with stone walls and high cypress trees. Unlike Saint George, Our Lady of Rocks is artifically made island. By the legend, in the middle of 15th century, two fishermen found there the icon of the Virgin Mary on the rock and they decided to build a church there. From that time, on 22 july each year, people from Perast are coming there with boats and throwing stones in the water constantly expanding the island. The Church of Our Lady of the Rocks is built in 17th century.

Saint George and Our Lady of Rocks near Perast Montenegro

At the very entrance of the Bay of Kotor, between Prevlaka and Luštica peninsulas, there is small island Mamula with only 200 meters in diameter. Most of the island is covered by 19th century Austro-Hungarian fortress made to protect entrance in the Bay of Kotor.

Mamula Island

One more site worth of seeing is definitely Blue Cave, located on Luštica peninsula between Zlatna Luka Bay and Cape Mokra Gora, on about five nautical miles from Herceg Novi. There are two entrances in the cave, one smaller from the south and the bigger one from the South-West. Southwestern entrance is 3 meters high and 15 meters wide, so smaller boats can enter inside the cave. Its name comes from the crystal clear blue colour that generated by the reflection of the sunlight from the surface of water inside the cave.

Blue Cave Herceg Novi Montenegro

If you require services of professional and reliable Yacht Agent in Kotor or Yacht Agent in Porto Montenegro, contact us, and we will be ready to assist you on 24/7 basis with all the matters concerning your yacht, guests and your crew in order to make your trip to Montenegro as pleasant as it could be.


Sailing to Montenegro? Where to go, what to do - Part Two, Dukley Marina Budva


Budva is located in the central part of the Montenegrin Coast, and it is the informal Tourist Capital of Montenegro. As soon as you put step on a shore you will feel Montenegro at its best. The unseen compound of ancient and modern, Medieval style old town of Budva, on one side and modern Marina and Promenade with open air night clubs on the other side.

Old Town of Budva and Dukley Marina Budva

Dukley Marina Budva

Dukley Marina Budva is near the Old Town of Budva on its northern end. It has a capacity of 300 berths and can accept yachts up to 70 meters long and with up to 4 meters draft. Dukley Marina offers water and electricity supply service, garbage removal service, closed circuit tv system, car parking and free WiFi zone. There is also a fuel dock in Marina. If you need assistance of Yacht Agent in Budva for berth booking in Dukley Marina Budva, arranging yacht supplies and/or provisions, yacht cleaning service, obtaining arrival or departure clearances or organizing excursions for your guests to continental parts of Montenegro, or any other yacht agency service that you might need, our Yacht Agency in Montenegro will be glad to help you. If you are planning yachts fuel resupplying during your stay in Montenegro, please note that in Dukley Marina Budva is only available retail price fuel, so it would be better that we arrange Tax free fuel bunkering in Marina Porto Montegro, Port of Bar or Marina Bar on your yachts departure from Montenegro. Price of Vat and Duty free fuel is up to 45% lower than the retail price of fuel, so that way you can significantly reduce your vessels operational expenses. As described in our previous posts, Montegrin law allows that all foreign yachts, both private and commercial, irrespective of their size can load Tax free fuel in Montenegro on condition that they leave Montenegrin territorial waters as soon as possible after the bunkering operation is finished. Also, it is important to know that tax free fuel bunkering should be requested at least 48 hours in advance, in order that we have time to arrange everything in a proper manner. More information about VAT free fuel in Montenegro and other benefits for private and commericial yachts you can find here.

The nearest international airport is at Tivat, some 20 kilometers west of Budva, and there are 65 kilometers from Dukley Marina to Podgorica Airport and 71 kilometers to Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia.

Where to go, what to do

Budva is place with intense night life during the summer season with lots of good clubs to visit, especially Top Hill, one of the best night clubs in South-East Europe with 5000 visitors capacity located about 2 kilometers from center of Budva on the Topliš Hill. There are many beautiful beaches in Budva and in vicinity from Mogren and Ričardova glava beach within the town to Jazz beach some 3 kilometers to the west from Budva, lots of good Hotels, restaurants and Bars. Regarding luxury accommodation, we can single out 5 star Hotel Splendid, remarkable Dukley Gardens resort and, without any competition, islet Sveti Stefan, a 15th century fortified village transformed into luxury hotel town.

Sveti Stefan island

Those who wants to see some historical sites dont need to go far. We recommend to take a walk through the 9th century Citadel within the old town of Budva. You will have an amazing view of the surrounding area and feel the atmosphere of Ancient times while you walk through its paths. You can also visit impressive Fort Kosmač, Austro - Hungarian fortress from the early 19th century, located above village Brajići on the Budva – Cetinje road.

Kosmac Fortress

Visitors who stay more days in Budva usually visit Montenegro historical capital Cetinje and Lovcen mountain which is one of five Montenegrin national parks, places of well preserved nature with lots of biodiversity. Other four National parks are one that we mentioned in our previous post Skadar lake and Mountain Durmitor, Mountain Prokletije and Biogradska Gora. For those who love, driving a motorcycle through those national parks is a great experience. Our Rent A Moto section offers renting of various motorcycles and scooters, suitable for such excursions. Besides from historical sites in Cetinje and Montenegrin Archbishop Njegoš Mausoleum on the top of mountain Lovcen, what you shouldn’t miss is to taste unique Montenegrin high-end product, Njeguši smoked ham, with its special taste created from a mixture of mountain and sea air.

Lovcen Mountain

One of the best special experiences that Montenegro has to offer is definitely rafting on The Tara River. The tara river Canyon is 82 kilometers long and it is deepest river canyon in Europe ( 1300 meters in the deepest place ). One day rafting trips usualy consist of about 4 hours rafting during which you pass around 18 kilometers of river. Besides viewing of magnificent landscapes you have the opportunity to taste local cuisine.

Rafting at Tara river

This is just a small extract of everything that Montenegro has to offer to its visitors. There is plenty for every taste, whether you want to enjoy beautiful beaches, nightlife, luxury resorts or just to run away from everything to wild untouched nature, you will easily find what are you looking for. If our Yacht Agency in Montenegro can assist you in any way, to make your stay in our country more pleasant, we will be glad to do so.


Vat and Duty free fuel and other benefits for private and commercial yachts visiting Montenegrin Coast

    In recent years we saw continuous rise of interest of private yacht owners and yacht chartering companies for Montenegro.

Yacht at berth Montenegro Marina

    Rise of interst started back in 2009 with opening of Luxury Porto Montenegro Marina in Tivat in Bay of Boka, which in later years expanded from initial 85 berth to current 450 berth for yachts up to 250 meters long. Aimed at high-end users Porto Montengro Marina offers not only the full service for yachts, from security, yacht supplies, local maintenance and repair facilities, but also luxury accomodation rental, five star Regent Hotel, clubs, restorants.Porto Montenegro offers various berth options from daily berthing to up to 30 years berth lease. For the periods that you are not using berth that you have leased, you can sub-rent it through berth rental pool which offers 85% income share for lease owners.

Porto Montenegro Marina Tivat

    Our Yacht Agency in Montenegro offers assistance for yachts visiting Montenegrin Coast including Porto Montengro Marina. We are at your disposal to ensure that everything, from berth booking to arrival or departure formalities with Port, Custom and Police Authorities or any other services that you require, goes smooth and swift, with no unnecessary problems or delays.

    As Yacht suppliers in Montenegro we can provide you with VAT free fuel in Porto Montenegro, irrespective of Yachts purpose or size. Porto Montengro has dedicated Fuel dock which can accept Yachts up to 250 meters long with up to 15 meters draft, and Montenegrin law allows that both private and commercial yachts can refuel tax free fuel with restriction that yacht must leave Montenegro immediately upon bunkering completion. Tax free diesel prices are up to 45% lower than standard retail marine diesel prices in Montenegro, and that price of fuel is already at least 10% lower than in neighbouring South European Countries. So, you have opportunity to refill your yacht with cheapest fuel in Adriatic Region. If any more information needed, contact us. We are able to supply you with Tax and Duty free fuel also in Marina Bar and Port of Bar, and retail price fuel in Port of Kotor, Marina Kotor and Dukley Marina Budva. Marina Bar fuel dock is suitable for yachts up to 30 meters, but Port of Bar fuel dock can accept much larger Mega Yachts. Biggest Yacht that bunkered in Port of Bar up to now was 163 meters long M/Y Eclipse.

    But soon Porto Montenegro will not be only Megayacht Marina and Luxury resort in Montenegro. For 2017 it is announced opening of Portonovi, on the other side of Boka Bay in Kumbor, planned to have 250 berth Marina for Yachts up to 80 meters long, 5 plus star One&Only Hotel, luxury vilas and apartments.

    Goverment of Montenegro has also tried to provide the room for developing of Yachting industry in Montenegro by adopting some favorable laws in recent years aimed to attract more privately owned and commercial yachts to visit Montenegrin Ports and Marinas.

    Comparing to neighbouring EU states, Montenegro offers great benefits for both prvately owned or commercial yachts. Besides abovementioned VAT and Free fuel availability for both private and chartered yacht irrespecitve of size, there is also 0% VAT for private yachts sailing in Montenegrin Waters and for commericial yachts commencing in Montenegro there is also 0% Vat on Charterers fees and APA ( Advance Provisioning Allowance, expenses of yacht not included in charterers feee ). Montenegrin laws also do not have any restrictions regarding pick up and drop off of the passengers and no restriction on time for foreign vessel to remain in Montenegrin waters. No limitation on time for foreign yacht to remain in Montenegro and relaxed visa regime that we described in our previous post, which allows for crew from most nationalities to stay up to 90 days on board while yacht is in Montenegrin waters makes Montenegro most suitable country for Yachts winter stay.

    Recently, Goverment of Croatia made some changes on VAT calculations for chartered vessels. From the 1st of May 2017 onwards 13% of VAT will be applied on all charters fees if a charter started in Croatia and also in the case when charter starts in some Non-EU country such as Montenegro, 13% VAT will be charged on charters fees for the period of stay in Croatian Territorial Waters. In the case when charter contract was signed and the fees were paid before 30th of april 2017 13% VAT will not be applied. Also, from the 1st of May previous restrictions on commercial yachts with less than 40 meters in lenght are lifted and now all the commercial yachts can obtain charter licenses irrespective of their size. However, if the demand for charter licenses is too high, Croatian Goverment retains the right to suspend the issuance of charter licenses on period of up to three months.

   You can contact our Yacht Agent in Montenegro to assist you with transportation of your passengers or crew in any of Montenegrin Marinas and Ports or to provide accomodation or organize excursions for them.

   If yachts charter commence in Montenegro and continues in other EU countries VAT will be applied for period of stay in those Eu countries.

   Favorable legislation combined with luxurious resorts, great historical sites and beautiful nature are making Montenegro one of the most atractive destination for yacht owners and yacht charterers in Mediterranean.