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    If you are looking for reliable and experienced Yacht Agency in Montenegro, which will provide you with all the necessary informations, best available solutions and 24/7 support in order to make your yacht's voyage to Montenegro as pleasant as it should be for both your guests and your crew, then UK Yacht Agency Montenegro is the right choice for you. Our Yacht Agency services are available in all Ports and Marinas in Montenegro : Port of Bar and AD Marina Bar, Dukley Marina Budva, Porto Montenegro Marina Tivat, Port of Kotor and Marina Kotor.

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  • Range of our services include

    berth reservation, arrival and departure clearances, completing visa formalities, obtaining vignette, providing supplies, provisions and spare parts for your yacht, tax free fuel bunkering, arranging yachts maintenance, repair and cleaning, yachts insurance and registration, arranging transportation or excursions for crew and passengers, hotel reservation.

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  • Berth Reservation

    With rising interest for Montenegrin Coast and Marinas during the summer season convenient berth gets hard to find. Thats why we are here, at your disposal, with good contacts in all Marinas in Montenegro, to save your time and effort and to book appropriate berth for your yacht in any time of the year.

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  • Arrival and Departure Clearance

    With our good knowledge of Montenegrin Laws we will provide you smooth and swift clearance in all Marinas in Montenegro. In order to arrange everything in best possible manner, please contact us at least 24 hours before your arrival. Our agent will wait for you on berth on reported ETA.

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  • Obtaining Vignette

    Montenegrin Law requires that every foreign yacht sailing in Montenegrin National Waters must have a navigation permit called Vignette.Vignette is issued for period from seven days to up to one year. In order to obtain Vignette it is necessary that you send to us following Documents and Certificates: Crew and Passenger List, Certificate of Registry, Cetificate of Vessels Ability for Navigation, Certificates of Competency for Master and Crew, Insurance Against Liability for Damages Caused By Third Parties on Minimal Amount of 800 000 euro, Ownership Certificate or Authorization for Use

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  • Tax Free Fuel Bunkering

    We are offering you Tax Free Fuel bunkering in Port of Bar, Marina Bar and Porto Montenegro Marina Tivat. For bunkering Tax Free Fuel under Montenegrin Law, you must have Yacht Agent. Prices of Tax Free Fuel are up to 45% lower than normal retail price, which represent huge saving in yachts operational expanses. Fuel taken that way is the cheapest yacht diesel in Adriatic region. You must leave Montenegrin Waters immediately after completion of tax free fuel bunkering. In order to arrange everything in timely manner please contact us 48 hours in advance.

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  • Technical Support and Maintenance

    We are able to provide you full technical support and to arrange maintanance, repair and survey of your yacht at reasonable prices, with cooperation of proven and experienced mechanics and tehnicians. Either you need electronics, engine, hull repair or divers assistance we are there to provide you reliable high quality service.

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  • Yacht Supplies and Provisions

    We will supply you with anything that Montenegro has to offer, from unique high quality local products, fresh fruit, vegetables and meet, to imported wines and beverages. Everything fresh, of good quality and at most reasonable prices.

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  • Yacht Insurance and Registration

    Use our knowledge and experience in this field to get for your yacht insurance policy with most reliable insurance companies at best possible rates. We can also provide quick and easy registration of your yacht under Montenegrin flag. With recent changes in legislation that provided significant lowering of taxes and fees it can be good way to cut down yachts expenses.

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  • Transportation or Excursions

    In cooperation with our partners we offer wide range of transportation for your crew or passengers, from motorcycle and car rentals to booking commercial flights or private jets. If you intend to explore beuties of Montenegro we can organize excursions in any part of Country or book for you high quality accomodation anywhere in Montenegro.

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UK Yacht Agency Montenegro, a part of Umorni Kosac D.O.O. company is acting as Yacht Agent and Yacht Supplier in all Ports and Marinas in Montenegro, offering full service and support for yachts visiting Montenegrin Coast. Our competent personnel with great knowledge of Montenegrin laws and procedures and good local connections can be of great benefit to you and your crew and passengers, during your yachts arrival, stay and departure in all Ports and Marinas in Montenegro. As experienced seamen, we understand your needs and we are willing to assist you in a best posible manner to ensure that everything goes smooth and fast.
Range of our services include berth reservation, finishing formalities with porth authorities, completing visa formalities, obtaining vignette, providing supplies, provisions and spare parts for your yacht, bunkering tax free fuel, arranging yachts maintenance, repair and survey, yachts insurance and registration, arranging transportation or excursions for crew and passengers, hotel reservation.
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Ports and Marinas

On Montenegrin Coast there are many Ports and marinas which are capable to accommodate even larger passenger jachts. These Marinas are: Ulcinj, Bar, Budva, Tivat, Kotor, Zelenika and Herceg Novi.