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Do you need Yacht Agent in Montenegro?

08 May 2017
yacht agent montenegro map

There is an ongoing dilemma in Yachting Industry whether it is always necessary to use Yacht Agency Services or not? Having a local guy by your side who will do the paperwork or manage the delivery of supplies can always save time for Yacht’s Captain and crew, but is the additional expense worth of it? Some Yacht Owners and Captains tend to look at Yacht Agents as an unnecessary expense, a middleman that they could do well without, so they avoid to use the services of Yacht Agents in all the places where they are not compulsory.

If your Yacht is coming for the first time in some country or port with the Captain and crew that are not familiar with local regulations it would be normal that you use the services of the local Yacht Agency. But, whether we are talking about using the services of Yacht Agent in Montenegro or anywhere else, an experienced Captain, who had spent some years navigating in the area and knows his way around can do most of the things by himself. From that point of view, it seems logical : cut the middleman and you are cutting the cost of his fees. But things usually don’t work that way.

First of all, although your Captain can be familiar with Montenegrin Ports, their procedures and regulations it is quite difficult for one man to keep himself updated all the time with procedures that can change more or less frequently. You could always get some benefits from using service of professional Yacht Agency in Montenegro with well informed and updated personnel, aware of all the little details needed to help you to avoid unnecessary penalties and to insure that everything runs fast and smooth.

time management

We mentioned the time, didn’t we? Sometimes you will have enough time to do it without an agent, but if the schedule is tight, you should use Yacht Agency Services in Montenegro to insure that everything will be done on time. So if your Yacht Agent in Montenegro is saving your time and the time is money, as we all know, then he is justifying his fees.

Regarding Yacht’s supplies and provisions, Yacht refueling in Montenegro or booking third parties services such as Hotel reservation or transport, a local knowledge is quite often necessary to obtain goods or services of better quality by more convenient prices. A good agent will know several solutions for your needs, and will protect your interest by helping you to choose the best one available. So in many cases, at the end it will be cheaper for you even with adding agent’s fees.

yacht agent advices

Another thing in which a good agent can help you is by providing you with the right information and by giving right advices about the port and the surrounding area. Your Yacht Agent in Montenegro must be well informed not only about the Maritime regulations, but also about historical and natural sites, good, restaurants and beaches in the vicinity, cultural or musical happenings or sport activities which can satisfy the needs of your most demanding guests. That’s where the good local knowledge stands out the most.

solutions for yacht owners

One situation in which will everyone need the help of an agent is, of course, when something goes wrong. That’s where experience comes in hand and when you will need the help of experienced cool headed guy on shore, ready to act quickly and to provide you with best possible solutions for your problems. If your agent is providing you with right solutions in all situations from emergency engine repairs to last minute notifications or anything else, then you know that you had made a good choice.


When navigating in Montenegrin waters, especially if you are coming for the first time there are some useful information about regulations for coastal navigation, contacts of rescue coordination centers and similar information that everyone navigating in Montenegrin waters should know. That kind of information you can find in this post on our blog. Inform yourself on time. Our Yacht Agency as Yacht Agent in Montenegro and Yacht Suppliers in Montenegro does not tend to charge simply for the information, but only for the work in which our personnel are engaged. So if you have any questions about Montenegro, feel free to contact us.

yacht agency service level

So to make the summary, yes, we think that in most of the cases you should use the services of Yacht Agent in Montenegro, or anywhere else, but not the services of any agent, just the good and reliable one who will be speeding up the work and provide services that will meet the industry standards at reasonable prices. The good agent will always think for your best interest, provide you with the right quality of the service and support, supply you with all the information needed and find the solutions which will suit you the most. That kind of agent doesn’t represent only the additional expense, but also adds substantial value to your services. The Yacht Agent job is like any other job in the world, when everything goes normal, anyone can do it, but when out of the box solutions are needed that’s where the class can be shown.


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