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Marine Fuel Stations in Montenegro

25 June 2017
marine fuel stations in montenegro

There are fuel docks available in all major Ports and Marinas in Montenegro : Port of Bar and AD Marina Bar, Porto Montenegro Marina Tivat, Port of Kotor and Marina Kotor and Dukley Marina Budva, but since the Montenegrin laws allow for both privately owned and commercial yachts to refuel with tax free fuel we are strongly recommending that you refuel your yacht at marine fuel stations where tax free diesel is available. UK Yacht Agency Montenegro can assist you in obtaining tax free diesel for your yacht in Porto Montenegro Marina Tivat, AD Marina Bar and Port of Bar, while in Dukley Marina Budva, Port of Kotor and Marina Kotor we can supply you fuel by standard retail prices.

tax free fuel

Tax free diesel price is up to 45% cheaper compared to the standard retail marine diesel prices in Montenegro, and by far cheapest in all Adriatic region. As the fuel costs represent great part of every yacht’s operational costs, usually 5-10% depending on duration of sea voyage, that costs can be reduced by significant amount by refueling with tax free fuel in Montenegro. However, few conditions must be met if you want to bunker fuel exempted from tax and duties : you must posses valid montenegrin vignette and yachts stamp with yacht details for stamping bunkering papers. If you dont have stamp with your yacht’s details advise us in advance and provide us with your yacht’s registry certificate, and the stamp will be made
in just a couple of hours. Another condition is that such fuel can’t be spent in Montenegrin territorial waters so you need to plan your refueling just before your departue from Montenegro.


AD Marina Bar fuel station

ad marina bar fuel station

Fuel dock in AD Marina Bar is located on the end of northern breakwater just on port side from the marina entrance. It can accept yachts up to 35 meters long. Maximum flow rate is up to 900 liters per minute. In order to refuel your yacht with tax free fuel at AD Marina Bar fuel station you must have authorized Yacht agent in Bar Montenegro. We recommend this marine fuel station for all yachts up to 35 meters of length visiting Montenegro
because of less follow-up cost, friendly and helpful station staff and good quality of fuel.

Port of Bar fuel station

port of bar fuel station

Port of Bar fuel dock is located on outer breakwater around 200 meters on starboard side from the entrance in Port of Bar. Marine fuel station in Port of Bar even larger megayachts with 150+ meters of lenght and draft up to 12 meters. Fuel is delivered ex-pipe.

Porto Montenegro fuel station

porto montenegro fuel dock

Fuel dock in Porto Montenegro Marina Tivat is situated on the north west part of Marina at the end of jetty 3. It can accept even the largest megayachts up to 250 meters of length and up to 15 meters of draft. Fuel dock facilities can stock up to 800 000 liters of tax free diesel and deliver it with maximum flow rate of 1000 liters per minute.

Porto Montenegro is also very attractive luxury resort and superyacht marina with all services available on-site. As your Yacht Agent in Porto Montengro UK Yacht Agency Montenegro can provide you with all services and support that you might need during your yacht’s stay in Porto Montenegro Marina Tivat, from arrival and departure clearances, visa formalities, yachts supplies, provisions and fuel bunkering to arranging your yacht’s maintenance and repair, yacht cleaning, excursions or transportations for your guests or your crew, vip transportations such as private jets or helicopter transport, or anything that you might need.

Port of Kotor fuel station

Fuel dock is in Port of Kotor and Marina Kotor is locted in narrow inlet of the river Skurda on the north- east of the quay and is suitable only for smaller yachts up to 2.5 meters of draft. There you can refuel only with fuel by standard retail prices.

Dukley Marina Budva fuel station

Marine fuel station in Marina Budva is located at the end of the middle pier. Depth of water in Marina Budva fuel dock is 4m meters. As previously said, only diesel by standard marine diesel prices is available.

Finding best available services, berths, cheapest fuel and high quality supplies at reasonable prices for your yacht can be very tough and time consuming job for you, especially if you are first time in Montenegro. Save your time and effort by using services of UK Yacht Agency Montenegro available in all Ports and Marinas in Montenegro.




















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