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Sailing to Montenegro? Where to go, what to do – Part Two, Dukley Marina Budva

03 August 2016
Old Town of Budva and Dukley Marina Budva


Budva is located in the central part of the Montenegrin Coast, and it is the informal Tourist Capital of Montenegro. As soon as you put step on a shore you will feel Montenegro at its best. The unseen compound of ancient and modern, Medieval style old town of Budva, on one side and modern Marina and Promenade with open air night clubs on the other side.

Dukley Marina Budva

Dukley Marina Budva is near the Old Town of Budva on its northern end. It has a capacity of 300 berths and can accept yachts up to 70 meters long and with up to 4 meters draft. Dukley Marina offers water and electricity supply service, garbage removal service, closed circuit tv system, car parking and free WiFi zone. There is also a fuel dock in Marina. If you need assistance of Yacht Agent in Budva for berth booking in Dukley Marina Budva, arranging yacht supplies and/or provisions, yacht cleaning service, obtaining arrival or departure clearances or organizing excursions for your guests to continental parts of Montenegro, or any other yacht agency service that you might need, our Yacht Agency in Montenegro will be glad to help you. If you are planning yachts fuel resupplying during your stay in Montenegro, please note that in Dukley Marina Budva is only available retail price fuel, so it would be better that we arrange Tax free fuel bunkering in Marina Porto Montegro, Port of Bar or Marina Bar on your yachts departure from Montenegro. Price of Vat and Duty free fuel is up to 45% lower than the retail price of fuel, so that way you can significantly reduce your vessels operational expenses. As described in our previous posts, Montegrin law allows that all foreign yachts, both private and commercial, irrespective of their size can load Tax free fuel in Montenegro on condition that they leave Montenegrin territorial waters as soon as possible after the bunkering operation is finished. Also, it is important to know that tax free fuel bunkering should be requested at least 48 hours in advance, in order that we have time to arrange everything in a proper manner. More information about VAT free fuel in Montenegro and other benefits for private and commericial yachts you can find here.

The nearest international airport is at Tivat, some 20 kilometers west of Budva, and there are 65 kilometers from Dukley Marina to Podgorica Airport and 71 kilometers to Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia.

Where to go, what to do

Budva is place with intense night life during the summer season with lots of good clubs to visit, especially Top Hill, one of the best night clubs in South-East Europe with 5000 visitors capacity located about 2 kilometers from center of Budva on the Topliš Hill. There are many beautiful beaches in Budva and in vicinity from Mogren and Ričardova glava beach within the town to Jazz beach some 3 kilometers to the west from Budva, lots of good Hotels, restaurants and Bars. Regarding luxury accommodation, we can single out 5 star Hotel Splendid, remarkable Dukley Gardens resort and, without any competition, islet Sveti Stefan, a 15th century fortified village transformed into luxury hotel town.

Sveti Stefan island

Those who wants to see some historical sites dont need to go far. We recommend to take a walk through the 9th century Citadel within the old town of Budva. You will have an amazing view of the surrounding area and feel the atmosphere of Ancient times while you walk through its paths. You can also visit impressive Fort Kosmač, Austro – Hungarian fortress from the early 19th century, located above village Brajići on the Budva – Cetinje road.

Kosmac Fortress

Visitors who stay more days in Budva usually visit Montenegro historical capital Cetinje and Lovcen mountain which is one of five Montenegrin national parks, places of well preserved nature with lots of biodiversity. Other four National parks are one that we mentioned in our previous post Skadar lake and Mountain Durmitor, Mountain Prokletije and Biogradska Gora. For those who love, driving a motorcycle through those national parks is a great experience. Our Rent A Moto section offers renting of various motorcycles and scooters, suitable for such excursions. Besides from historical sites in Cetinje and Montenegrin Archbishop Njegoš Mausoleum on the top of mountain Lovcen, what you shouldn’t miss is to taste unique Montenegrin high-end product, Njeguši smoked ham, with its special taste created from a mixture of mountain and sea air.

Lovcen Mountain

One of the best special experiences that Montenegro has to offer is definitely rafting on The Tara River. The tara river Canyon is 82 kilometers long and it is deepest river canyon in Europe ( 1300 meters in the deepest place ). One day rafting trips usualy consist of about 4 hours rafting during which you pass around 18 kilometers of river. Besides viewing of magnificent landscapes you have the opportunity to taste local cuisine.

Rafting at Tara river

This is just a small extract of everything that Montenegro has to offer to its visitors. There is plenty for every taste, whether you want to enjoy beautiful beaches, nightlife, luxury resorts or just to run away from everything to wild untouched nature, you will easily find what are you looking for. If our Yacht Agency in Montenegro can assist you in any way, to make your stay in our country more pleasant, we will be glad to do so.


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