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Vat and Duty free fuel and other benefits for private and commercial yachts visiting Montenegrin Coast

11 July 2016
Yacht at berth Montenegro Marina

    In recent years we saw continuous rise of interest of private yacht owners and yacht chartering companies for Montenegro.

    Rise of interst started back in 2009 with opening of Luxury Porto Montenegro Marina in Tivat in Bay of Boka, which in later years expanded from initial 85 berth to current 450 berth for yachts up to 250 meters long. Aimed at high-end users Porto Montengro Marina offers not only the full service for yachts, from security, yacht supplies, local maintenance and repair facilities, but also luxury accomodation rental, five star Regent Hotel, clubs, restorants.Porto Montenegro offers various berth options from daily berthing to up to 30 years berth lease. For the periods that you are not using berth that you have leased, you can sub-rent it through berth rental pool which offers 85% income share for lease owners.

Porto Montenegro Marina Tivat

    Our Yacht Agency in Montenegro offers assistance for yachts visiting Montenegrin Coast including Porto Montengro Marina. We are at your disposal to ensure that everything, from berth booking to arrival or departure formalities with Port, Custom and Police Authorities or any other services that you require, goes smooth and swift, with no unnecessary problems or delays.

    As Yacht suppliers in Montenegro we can provide you with VAT free fuel in Porto Montenegro, irrespective of Yachts purpose or size. Porto Montengro has dedicated Fuel dock which can accept Yachts up to 250 meters long with up to 15 meters draft, and Montenegrin law allows that both private and commercial yachts can refuel tax free fuel with restriction that yacht must leave Montenegro immediately upon bunkering completion. Tax free diesel prices are up to 45% lower than standard retail marine diesel prices in Montenegro, and that price of fuel is already at least 10% lower than in neighbouring South European Countries. So, you have opportunity to refill your yacht with cheapest fuel in Adriatic Region. If any more information needed, contact us. We are able to supply you with Tax and Duty free fuel also in Marina Bar and Port of Bar, and retail price fuel in Port of Kotor, Marina Kotor and Dukley Marina Budva. Marina Bar fuel dock is suitable for yachts up to 30 meters, but Port of Bar fuel dock can accept much larger Mega Yachts. Biggest Yacht that bunkered in Port of Bar up to now was 163 meters long M/Y Eclipse.

    But soon Porto Montenegro will not be only Megayacht Marina and Luxury resort in Montenegro. For 2017 it is announced opening of Portonovi, on the other side of Boka Bay in Kumbor, planned to have 250 berth Marina for Yachts up to 80 meters long, 5 plus star One&Only Hotel, luxury vilas and apartments.

    Goverment of Montenegro has also tried to provide the room for developing of Yachting industry in Montenegro by adopting some favorable laws in recent years aimed to attract more privately owned and commercial yachts to visit Montenegrin Ports and Marinas.

    Comparing to neighbouring EU states, Montenegro offers great benefits for both prvately owned or commercial yachts. Besides abovementioned VAT and Free fuel availability for both private and chartered yacht irrespecitve of size, there is also 0% VAT for private yachts sailing in Montenegrin Waters and for commericial yachts commencing in Montenegro there is also 0% Vat on Charterers fees and APA ( Advance Provisioning Allowance, expenses of yacht not included in charterers feee ). Montenegrin laws also do not have any restrictions regarding pick up and drop off of the passengers and no restriction on time for foreign vessel to remain in Montenegrin waters. No limitation on time for foreign yacht to remain in Montenegro and relaxed visa regime that we described in our previous post, which allows for crew from most nationalities to stay up to 90 days on board while yacht is in Montenegrin waters makes Montenegro most suitable country for Yachts winter stay.

    Recently, Goverment of Croatia made some changes on VAT calculations for chartered vessels. From the 1st of May 2017 onwards 13% of VAT will be applied on all charters fees if a charter started in Croatia and also in the case when charter starts in some Non-EU country such as Montenegro, 13% VAT will be charged on charters fees for the period of stay in Croatian Territorial Waters. In the case when charter contract was signed and the fees were paid before 30th of april 2017 13% VAT will not be applied. Also, from the 1st of May previous restrictions on commercial yachts with less than 40 meters in lenght are lifted and now all the commercial yachts can obtain charter licenses irrespective of their size. However, if the demand for charter licenses is too high, Croatian Goverment retains the right to suspend the issuance of charter licenses on period of up to three months.

   You can contact our Yacht Agent in Montenegro to assist you with transportation of your passengers or crew in any of Montenegrin Marinas and Ports or to provide accomodation or organize excursions for them.

   If yachts charter commence in Montenegro and continues in other EU countries VAT will be applied for period of stay in those Eu countries.

   Favorable legislation combined with luxurious resorts, great historical sites and beautiful nature are making Montenegro one of the most atractive destination for yacht owners and yacht charterers in Mediterranean.

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